Weekly Podcast #63: Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Reached


What a difference a few weeks makes. The last time the gang got together, a strike against Syria was days away, and now the country has agreed to turn over its chemical weapons to international management. Joe, Nick and Kathryn…

Weekly Podcast #62: Miley Cyrus, the Media, and Syria


There’s an unusual title. Nick, Allison, and Joe discuss Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMAs and what the attendant fallout says about the American media, gender double-standards, and rape culture. Then the panel discusses the likely inevitable strikes against Syria…

Weekly Podcast #61: Law Talk


Nick and Joe take advantage of the legislative recess to discuss some legal issues, including the decision to strike down New York’s stop-and-frisk law and the new Department of Justice policy to take most non-violent drug offenders outside statutory mandatory…

Weekly Podcast #60: Sitcoms and Johnny Football


It’s a slow news week so the conversation devolves from the congressional recess into old sitcoms and sports. If you wanted to be a fly on the wall for why we all know each other, this is a decent sample.…

Weekly Podcast #59: Danger. Carlos Danger.


Nick and Joe discuss the NYC mayoral race and its most famous entrant, Fmr. Rep. Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner. What’s next for a political race after a frontrunner starts sexting everyone he can find? We also discuss the growing rift…

Weekly Podcast #58: Royal Babies and Sharknadoes


Joe, Nick and Allison discuss the royal birth and the value of monarchies. Then, before a technical difficulty cuts off the podcast, Allison describes the genius of the film Sharknado.