…And We’re Off

The Iowa Caucuses took place last night and revealed what we all already knew — the GOP field is very much undecided.

GOP frontrunner King Pyrrhus of Epirus Mitt Romney managed to win by a mere 8 votes. Congratulations Mitt, as a reward you get to have the media narrative focused entirely upon how 75% of the Republican party hates you. This is a very unfortunate development for Romney, whose built-in advantage in New Hampshire means this negative coverage is going to dog him until South Carolina no matter how big his win in New Hampshire. As an aside, the news keeps saying that New Hampshire is Mitt’s “home state” despite the fact that he was actually the governor of Massachusetts and maintains a residence there. His only claim to New Hampshire is the fact that he maintains one of his numerous houses there and I don’t understand why everyone is spotting him favorite son status based on having multiple houses in multiple states.

Plus, with Bachmann dropping out and Perry on the ropes, the odds are that the anti-Romney crowd will begin to coalesce and present a serious threat to Romney’s chances.

Reflecting the opinions of many, Elie Mystal from Above The Law just tweeted that he’s shocked that the Republicans can’t get it together to beat a black guy presiding over a struggling economy. I’m actually thinking the problem for the GOP is their perceived advantages this year. The radical right has a legitimate argument that this should not be a cycle where they need to nominate an “electable” candidate over their philosophical ideal.

But who will that be? The Anti-Mitt candidate has spun through a revolving door so far, and there’s little to assume that Santorum, a candidate with little money, horrible national numbers, and a very unfortunate google presence, will sustain his position as the Anti-Mitt.

Personally, I still believe someone else is going to jump into this race late.

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