To Spin or Not to Spin? Spoiler: Rick, Don’t Spin Breaking News

Being a Spin Doctor is very difficult: you often are working under short timeframes and trying to convince people to ignore their instincts. Plus you ain’t got no future nor family tree.

But when some of the worst possible news hits your campaign, a candidate has to face the decision to spin the news or just ignore it. Today, Mitt Romney demonstrated why he’s the professional candidate that he is — his response to the fact that unemployment is at the lowest rate since Obama came to office was to ignore the report. By focusing on the generality that “more people need jobs” and ignoring specific improvements in the business environment keeps you on message and sounds like a confident, roll with the punches leader.

Rick Santorum on the other hand…oh my. Confronted with yet another month of horrible news for the GOP mantra on jobs, decided to take his shot at spin by saying that the new numbers were the result of enthusiasm that the GOP might win in November. It is not only dumb, but it shows the real danger of bad spinning — it came off as desperate and only made the numbers seem more solid for Obama in comparison.

I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise given Santorum’s wounded duck response that “Blah is the New Black” for example.

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