Breakfast in America: February 2, 2012

Some morning links for you. By the way, Newt saw his shadow this morning so there’s going to be 6 more weeks of campaigning.

  • As I discussed yesterday, Mitt Romney is not concerned about the poor and sees the safety net as a permanent solution to maintaining a stagnant, permanent underclass. As expected, some conservative columnists are starting to pick up on the fact that Romney has gone off message. This is an interesting collage of rhetoric because Romney’s sentiment that the safety net should be to permanently maintain the poor is colliding with the conservative line of “opportunity” but bringing into sharp relief that this tired conservative trope of opportunity begins by telling the poor to fend for themselves with one hand tied behind their back — get a job to feed your family, but until then we’re going to take away your home and your dinner, and we don’t really believe in educating you or your kids…Enjoy!

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