Crazy Awesome Breakdown of The Shining (Hint: Ron Paul Must Love This Movie)

At first blush this may not seem like Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining has anything to do with politics, but this long video review of the film is a supremely awesome mix of about 50% insightful analysis of The Shining and 50% Ron Paul-esque screed about the need to return to the Gold Standard (via io9). Confused? Well, watch the video.

The video makes the compelling case that Kubrick employed continuity errors to craft a “story within a story” and that the film cannot and should not be viewed on face value, but it also makes a pretty good case that Kubrick weaved a secret narrative into the movie extolling his opposition to the Federal Reserve System and the demise of the Gold Standard.

While I disagree with the logic that a Gold Standard is inherently a better currency than a well-regulated fiat money system — indeed, Ancient Egypt and its cultural needs are gone and if there is anything that defines a “reserve currency” in the late 20th and early 21st Century it is the exchange of oil, not gold — the video is fascinating in painstakingly chronicling the political references in the movie.

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