Candy Hearts — Political Figure Valentines

One of the enduring traditions of Valentine’s day is the Candy Heart. And this tradition is so universal that even the politically powerful get into the act. I’ve managed to come across some candy hearts that major political figures are sending around and thought I’d share them with you.

First up, I have to say President Obama may not be genuine in expressing the spirit of the holiday, because he’s been ribbing GOP rivals by sending around this heart:

I think Justice Stephen Breyer was trying to hand out the classic “Hug Me” heart while on his vacation, but became a tragic victim of a typo:

Mitt Romney got a jump start on the holiday, starting to hand out these hearts to the conservative base as early as last week’s CPAC:

Rick Santorum was in Washington state yesterday, where he was the second biggest political story, handing out these heartfelt candies:

Michele Bachmann was unceremoniously jilted by the GOP like she was a political Adele and got a little bit of revenge with her candy choice:

Even The Donald got in on the action:

Rick Perry is mulling another White House run. As opposed to most of us, he decided to make his candy heart a list of the things he loves about us:

Should Callista be worried:

Rep. Ron Paul took some time out to express his love for us, but he is never one to get off message for long:

Finally, NJ Gov. Chris Christie expressed his cuddly side:

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  1. February 14, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Ron Paul is a proponent of bimetallism? Actually, given his staunch anti-imperialist stance, he is sorta similar to William Jennings Bryan.

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