Breakfast in America: February 17, 2012

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  • Foster Friess went back on MSNBC last night to explain himself. This was…not a good idea. A knee-jerk return to the scene of an earlier gaffe can only end one of two ways: (a) with a public backtracking that makes you look weak and foolish (a press release works better) or (b) with you doubling down and making you look stupid and foolish. Foster opted for the latter, explaining that people were overreacting to his joke.
  • Charles Krauthammer has a doozy about health care. What’s amazing is that even when he’s has a good argument he could make — the contraception accommodation will likely just pass to the employers indirectly — he passes on that to make a series of dumb ones. He says this is an unprecedented assault on religious freedom (like Quakers paying taxes for the military? Oh wait, that’s constitutional already). He calls this an assault on free enterprise because the government sets insurance company premiums under ObamaCare (it does not — it sets a cap on premiums for pre-existing conditions and limits insurers from skimming more than 15-20% off the top — but the majority of premiums are still set by risk-ratios). Then he calls it an assault on autonomy in a way that, if true, would only justify a single-payer system…so I guess, thanks? He concludes by saying “Every presidential challenger says that he will repeal Obamacare on Day One. Well, yes. But is any of them making the case for why?” No…but, then again neither are you.

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