Mitt Romney and the Michigan-Ohio Divide

Mitt Romney has finally secured a measure of momentum now that he’s conned the Michigan GOP into giving him delegates he didn’t earn. But now he enters the gauntlet of Super Tuesday, replete with Southern states where Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have the upper hand. In order to maintain his head of steam, Mitt Romney has pinned his hopes on Ohio, which he feels will be a repeat of his Michigan victory (brushing under the rug the fact that he barely won Michigan).

Now Mitt Romney famously fails to understand sports (which he calls “sport”) and derives his only joy from the endeavor from his friendships with team owners. But, as a huge sports fan, let me take a moment to fill him in on something — Ohio hates Michigan. Like, really, really, hates Michigan. It’s why this is one of the best commercials ever made:

And it’s not just sports. The State of Ohio voted for Republicans from 1968-1992 with one exception — 1976, when voting for the GOP ticket would have required voting for Michigan Wolverines football star Gerald Ford.

American Bridge has put together a little primer for Ohio voters showing just how much Mitt Romney is a Michigan Wolverine. Enjoy your trip to Ohio Mitt! Be sure to tell them that Buckeye trees aren’t the right height!

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