Breakfast in America: March 9, 2012

Link time!

  • A Heritage Foundation headline says “WaPo Admitting Keynesian Economics Failed?” When a headline has a question mark it’s either deeply sarcastic or the sign of a bad article. This is the latter. Let me Cliff’s Note this for you: Keynesian Economics is Global Warming for Economics, any analysis of “facts,” “data,” or “evidence” proves that it’s a success. Anyone on the other side is on the take or suffering from a severe head injury. Or high as a kite (woohoo Libertarians! Smoking weed until the discredited ramblings of 400 year old men seem relevant!)
  • Did you know that donations to the American Spectator are tax deductible?┬áThe next time someone like Mitt Romney says that their 14% tax rate is OK because they give to charity, remember that the American Spectator, a magazine with less social value than a speed bump is a charity in the eyes of the government the conservatives have created.

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