Rep. Allen West Ignites Red Scare

Representative Allen West is distilled Tea Party crazy. He’s called fellow Representative Keith Ellison the “antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established” because Ellison is a practicing Muslim. He’s complained that gas prices are so high he can barely afford his entirely unreasonable car.

Now he is explaining that as many as 80 of the 190 Democratic members of the House of Representatives are not just “socialists” or “Leftists” but full blown members of the Communist Party.

I understand the importance of infamy for some politicians.¬†Indeed, there is¬†an academic study that statistically shows that “being crazy” is a political asset. But it’s not clear to me that the Communist Party puts fear into the hearts of the populace like it once did. I grant that West represents the Florida 22nd which is about 1/5 over the age of 65 and that the elderly may remember Communists as more frightening, but it strikes me that the conservatives have spent millions in messaging to make “liberal” a worse word than “communist.” West doesn’t need to go all the way to communism.

Must. Crush. Capitalism.


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