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I enjoy writing this blog, but sometimes I have a sarcasm streak that the serious nature of my posts can’t satisfy. I also don’t make any money off this blog. In the hopes of solving both problems, I’m introducing a new feature — a Zazzle shop where I will periodically post sarcastic slogans for T-shirts. [REMEMBER TO TURN YOUR FILTER TO MODERATE — We’re a PG-13 shop, people] I’m sure it won’t generate much, but if you find one of my weekly products humorous, go ahead and get one for yourself or someone you know.

To kick off this store I have selected Virginia Governor and potential VP nominee Bob McDonnell as a subject. Earlier this year, McDonnell and GOP lawmakers in Virginia attempted to squelch the Constitutional rights of women in Virginia by requiring them to undergo invasive “transvaginal ultrasounds,” ostensibly to “show” the baby to the mother and discourage abortion. In reality the purpose of mandating the invasive procedure was to create a more onerous obstacle for women. The GOP was beaten back on the question of the invasive procedure, though I believe the matter was only dropped when McDonnell began to see his chance at the Vice-Presidency slip away.

This shouldn’t have surprised anyone, because his graduate thesis included thoughtful analysis of how working women were “detrimental” to the country.

When this story broke I thought “transvaginal ultrasound” sounded like a really bad garage band. Jon Stewart took a similar tack calling it a jazz fusion band. Anyway, I have produced these shirts reminding us all of Bob McDonnell’s real feelings about women.

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for “Bob McDonnell and the Transvaginal Ultrasounds!”

If he does become the VP nominee we will need to get these on as many people as we can.

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