Breakfast in America: April 27, 2012

Wow this week went by fast. Friday links:

  • Reid Wilson writes an excellent article on the political impact of the urbanization of states. He focuses on demographic issues, but gives a tip of the hat to the secondary effect of urbanization — the more people from diverse backgrounds live in close proximity, the more likely they are to support liberal “good neighbor” policies.
  • This is a nightmarish instance of pure partisan politics on par with Bush v. Gore. Michigan citizens rose up against the state’s horrific “emergency manager” law — cities underwater because of GOP tax cuts lose sovereignty to be raided by hand-picked GOP raiders — and the GOP commissioners charged with certifying the signatures decided (apparently wrongly) that the form was in the wrong font and threw it out.
  • Does Rubio’s DREAM Act put Obama in a box? No. Just, no, writes Adam Serwer.

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