Joe Walsh: Life’s Not Been Good To Him So Far

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, not to be confused with this, much more awesome Joe Walsh, has bought a one way ticket on the crazy train. At a recent event, the one term Tea Party darling explained that America voted for Barack Obama because voting for the black guy made Americans “feel good about” ourselves.

Yes, when I think of America I think of how much historically everyone LOVES to bend over backward to help out black folks. It’s not like the country actively had rules against them drinking out of water fountains a mere 50 years ago, right? In fact, Tea Party enthusiast Walsh seems to acknowledge this when he makes the completely racist observation that Barack Obama does not understand “freedom” by virtue of his status as an “accidental president” (read: elected because he was black). Not understanding freedom…I guess the Joe Walsh civil rights policy goes back a bit further than 50 years, eh?
Tea Party activists and even run-of-the-mill conservatives like Joe Walsh like to talk about “white liberal guilt” as the boogieman for everything from affirmative action to, apparently, the presidency of Barack Obama, but unsurprisingly “white liberal guilt” tends to only afflict “white liberals” which is to say, the people who were voting for Barack Obama regardless and not the mainstream Republicans and Independents who had to cross the aisle for the aforementioned Barack Obama to win a landslide victory.
Then he rants, as the Tea Party is wont to do, about cutting taxes to an unsustainable level so we are free of that burden on our pocketbooks. His “freedom” equals not paying your debts to society message should remind everyone of the fact that noted deadbeat dad Joe Walsh recently reached an undisclosed settlement to settle the suit for $117,000 in unpaid child support that his ex-wife had to take him to court to recover.
If nothing else, this rant should remind voters in the 8th District of Illinois of the stark contrast they face at the polls between a Tea Party hack whose conception of “freedom” from paying debts runs from cutting taxes to skipping out on his child support and a candidate in Tammy Duckworth whose sense of “responsibility” cost her parts of both her legs over Iraq.

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