Breakfast in America: May 4, 2012

Friday link roundup. The Avengers opened last night so I decided to create an Avengers themed roundup:

  • Black Widow (because women are man-killers if given a chance): The Obama campaign unveiled “The Life of Julia” a trip through the fictional life of a woman living in two parallel worlds, one where Barack Obama wins reelection and one where Mitt Romney wins. Conservatives are bashing Julia all over the internets and in so doing have expanded their image problems by launching a war on a fictional woman.
  • Iron Man, Snarky Comedy: This article is beyond brain-dead, but the premise is worth seeing for comic effect — James Taranto suggests that Barack Obama restarting the manhunt for Osama bin Laden that Republicans halted is tantamount to Richard Nixon taking credit for serving when the decade-long space program finally reached the moon. Sometimes I actually wish I wrote conservative columns because no idea is too stupid to get published for those folks.

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