Breakfast in America: June 20, 2012

Wednesday link roundup:

Ezra Klein writes about presidential rhetoric. The article suggests that rhetoric accomplishes very little real political change, but I think that oversimplifies the issue — political rhetoric sets baselines used to judge presidencies. It’s like publicly betting on an underdog and winning garners you more respect than if you waited until after the game to pronounce your gambling acumen.

Bob Shrum makes a compelling case that Mitt Romney is following the playbook from the 1948 campaign of Thomas Dewey. And if anyone knows about losing elections, it’s Bob Shrum — I kid! I kid!

Oppose Mitt takes a look at the voting record of House Republicans if you want to know what a Romney presidency will look like.

DougJ at Balloon-Juice looks at the Romney campaign’s knee-jerk, often illogical argument style and considers why Romney gets away with it.

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