Breakfast in America: June 22, 2012

And that wraps up the week already.

  • Molly Ball suggests that the Democrats have a weak bench for 2016. Apparently Biden, Cuomo, and Clinton don’t count because they didn’t do well in a random straw poll. I’ve never understood the hand-wringing over a weak Democratic bench. The biggest Democratic successes since the Johnson administration have come from relative unknowns — Carter, Clinton and Obama — while established former administration officials — Humphrey, Mondale, Gore — always lose.
  • The National Review thinks that Obama is misusing executive privilege. This article is devoid of any serious legal analysis, ignoring as it does that the nature of the documents sought by Issa in this batch are rife with information about wiretaps and confidential informants that cannot be disclosed publicly. But the National Review doesn’t let that get in the way of a good story.

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