You Won’t Believe What Pennsylvania Rep. Turzai Just Said About Voter Screening

When you accidentally say what you mean, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. Pennsylvania has a new voter screening law (what some call a Voter I.D. law, but we don’t use that term here) that is estimated to exclude roughly 96,000 valid Pennsylvania voters through screening tactics. Pennsylvania Republicans argue that this is necessary to prevent the (non-existent by any and all investigation) problem of voter fraud.

Enter Mike Turzai, the Pennsylvania House Majority Leader, who decided to explain why he legislated a voter screening law:

Ah, the law is there to “allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.” It sure is. By excluding mostly elderly, minority voters who combine the liberal voting preferences of minority voters with the consistent voter turnout of elderly voters, Pennsylvania Republicans hope to eke out a victory in Pennsylvania by robbing these voters of their constitutional right to vote.

Thank you Mike Turzai for helping progressives make this debate crystal clear.

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