Breakfast in America: July 3, 2012

Link time!

  • For those who don’t know him, Frank Luntz is a conservative messaging guru who more or less drafts everything the Republicans say. When it comes to health care, Luntz has determined that the GOP plan will be coined “patient-centered health care.” This tests so well that the Republicans are never pressed to explain what’s “patient centered” about leaving millions of patients without coverage — because, you know, uninsured people are “not the issue.”
  • CNN/ORC says that Romney has a significant edge in “battleground states.” But it’s worth noting that this poll cites 15 battleground states. Can you think of 15 “battleground states?” If I strain myself I can see Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Hampshire. That’s 11. To get to 15 you have to add Arizona and Missouri at the very least. And then what, Indiana (which Obama won in 2008) and maybe Nebraska (where Obama nabbed a sole elector in 2008). I can safely say the comfortable Romney leads in these last few states would more than skew an accurate picture of the race.

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