The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week

Edward Klein is an idiot.

In the past he’s claimed to have journalistic proof that Hillary Clinton was a lesbian, so we’re dealing with someone who was bound to show up in this weekly feature.

On May 15, Klein released The Amateur, an addled screed blasting Barack Obama for his incompetence. The book is best described as tripe, but it’s now Klein’s livelihood, and that means we were due for a scatter-brained defense of his work after Obama scored a savvy political victory before the Supreme Court and pushed Mitt Romney into backflips to find a consistent message.

Fox News gave him a forum and he produced a laughably bad article, complete with glaring typos. I accept that in self-produced blogs but not on network “news” sites…or campaign materials. I’m looking at you Mitt Romney of Amercia.

Let’s look at a few of the gems.

Only a rank amateur could conceive of a “solution” to our health care problems that cuts benefits to seniors by $500 billion and established rationing boards known as “death panels.”

In all the calls to repeal “Obamacare,” Republicans have not called to repeal the $500 billion cut in Medicare — I guess Klein is calling them amateurs too. The Paul Ryan budget that Republicans cannot stop pushing maintains all of those cuts. But don’t get mad at Ryan over this because, despite Klein’s charge, this does not “cut[] benefits to seniors,” but rather cuts reimbursements to drug companies, hospitals, and insurance companies.

The only “death panels” in the health care industry are the ones private health companies employed before the Affordable Care Act installed regulations to prevent companies from turning away those with pre-existing conditions. The idea that the Obama health plan includes “death panels” has been labeled the “Lie of the Year” by independent researchers.

Only a rank amateur could threaten to turn America into Sweden—and possibly even Greece—by passing an ill-conceived piece of legislation whose major goal is to earn him a place in history.

Yes, it would be a shame if we needed up like Sweden because Sweden has a stable, growing economy, despite Europe’s overall struggles, and higher life expectancy. Klein raises the specter of Greece, presumably because he misunderstands the Greek economic crisis and blames it on health care even though Greece actually spends a meager 2.8% of its GDP on health care while the United States, driven by profit skimming for private insurers, spends 15.2% of its GDP on health care. Of note, Greece also boasts greater life expectancy.

Only a rank amateur could levy a series of new taxes on America’s small businesses, under the guise of ObamaCare, that will raise unemployment and stall an already anemic recover [sic].

I’m worried about that “recover,” Klein. Over 96% of small businesses will face no taxes or increased costs at all. How does that push the needle on unemployment?

Only a rank amateur could hand his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, an electoral game changer.

How is Mitt Romney being forced to acknowledge that the President implemented the same plan that Romney championed in Massachusetts “an electoral game changer.” Statements like this that give me hope for the reelection of Barack Obama, because Mitt Romney is trying desperately to limit the election to a jobs debate while conservatives keep forcing the issue back to health care.

I guess that’s why people like Klein are such amateurs.

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