GOP Keynote Named

Anyone holding out for Chris Christie to be the GOP running mate can go to their sad place now. Because Chris Christie has been tapped to give the Keynote Address at the Republican National Convention.

This is a huge development for Christie, because a keynote address can mark a rising national party star. Barack Obama gave the 2004 Democratic keynote…and he turned out OK.

The keynote is one of the few speeches of the convention that still gets national coverage. An opportunity to make rhetorical history. Ann Richards marked George Bush as being born with a silver foot in his mouth, Mario Cuomo gave the last truly liberal convention speech for Democrats.

On the other side of the aisle, Chris Christie is joining national level GOP luminaries like 2004 keynoter Zell Miller, whose speech was memorable…though only to the extent that the GOP denounced him afterward.

Actually I think I’ve seen his keynote before:

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