Reminder: Charles Murray Loves Race-Baiting

Every few years we need a reminder of the crypto-racism masquerading as academia that spews forth from Charles Murray’s office at AEI.

For many of us, our first interaction with Charles Murray was his 1994 book, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, which argued that, as a whole, black people were genetically incapable of being as smart as white people. The book was slammed by actual scientists who pointed to the shoddy research methods that were used to justify its premise.

Well here he comes again by explaining that Barack Obama is “Un-American.” Because using terminology of otherness of describe a black president isn’t race-baiting at all. The article looks at the “you didn’t build that” controversy where conservatives have taken Obama’s comments entirely out of context in order to attack him. Charles Murray argues that Barack Obama is “Un-American” because a speech describing the standard social contract theory that underpins the United States Constitution is dangerous anti-Americanism…I guess.

Just for kicks he also described the passage of the Affordable Care Act as “living in an occupied country” — language that’s very at home when discussing Hitler’s reign in Europe. Fun fact: In 2006, Charles Murray CALLED FOR AN INDIVIDUAL MANDATE. But obviously it wasn’t “Un-American” when it was outlined by a white guy like Murray.

When evaluating this tripe, you have to ask yourself, “Does Charles Murray just not understand the concept of social contract theory, or is he cynically ignoring that in order to stir up crypto-racist sentiment?” As for an answer, let me just say that he’s a professor of political science and I learned about social contract theory in my intro to American politics class…so maybe it’s the latter.

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