Romney Campaign May Want To Replace John Sununu…

On Monday I tweeted about John Sununu’s disastrous interview with Chris Matthews, where the corrupt former Chief of Staff — seriously, if we’re going to hear bitching and moaning over the cost of Obama (and his family) taking Secret Service protection with him on trips (which is, you know, legally required), let’s revisit the extent of Sununu’s shameless fleecing of the American taxpayer — looked confused and anxious when he realized Chris Matthews was willing to ask a single follow-up question about Romney’s budget plan.

But like many great Silver medalists, Chris Matthews must gracefully bow before another. Probably irked by his performance with Matthews, Sununu came out swinging in yesterday’s interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and O’Brien was having exactly none of it. Watch Sununu’s body language at about 2:42 when he realizes she’s beaten him AND come back for his lunch money.

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