Breakfast in America: August 17, 2012

New Breakfast image for this article because it’s been that kind of week.
  • Remember yesterday when I promised you an article about the Pennsylvania voter screening law decision? Well it got really, really long, so I decided to step back, edit it down, and deliver it today. Sorry for teasing you with it yesterday.
  • Paul Ryan is a man of principle and never asked for stimulus money for his district. Except he did and left a PAPER TRAIL. It’s easy to forget privately begging for money to create jobs in your district and then publicly declaring that the program didn’t create jobs. Just like it’s easy to forget that you and your running mate also supported the $716 billion Medicare “cuts” (that don’t actually cut any benefits but take back money allotted on paper for future growth in health care provider reimbursement). I guess when you spend so much time making up things to accuse Obama of doing it’s hard to keep track of your own actions.

Enjoy the end of Shark Week folks!

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