Do You Know the Theme Of the Republican National Convention? It’s Funny!

Next week, Republicans will descend en masse on Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention to dazzle America with a multi-million dollar infomercial to sell a candidate that has failed to ignite the country over the last six years. And while Tampa’s adult entertainment industry gears up for the arrival of Republicans — who spend almost three times more at strip clubs than Democrats — the convention’s own thematic tagline has gone relatively unnoticed. But you will enjoy it…have any guesses?

The Republican National Convention is labeled, “A Convention Without Walls.” The theme refers to the efforts of Republicans to plug the convention into multiple social media outlets and creating content-rich smartphone applications.

Unfortunately it also forces attention on a party commonly associated with “building a wall” to close off Mexico (while ignoring the Canadian border). Or the continued commitment of Republicans to excluding voters from the polls and purging registered voters from the rolls. Or a party that denounces one of their own for admitting out loud that the party, under the leadership of Paul Ryan, has worked for years to denigrate some rape victims as “illegitimate.”

Republicans thrive creating walls. That’s not even a swipe at Republicans — they openly admit their commitment to create barriers between those it identifies as “real America” and those deemed unworthy.

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