Weekly Podcast: Nick Does Not Care For Missouri

Joe, Nick and Allison talk about the comments (and damage control) of Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri who declared that women cannot get pregnant as a result of “legitimate rape” which he corrected to “forcible rape” as though he missed out on the actual problem with his comments. We also look at the news that several Republican Congressional representatives decided to jump into the Sea of Galilee — some naked! And finally we look at Niall Ferguson’s Newsweek¬†piece, which is so riddled with factual misstatements that several corners are calling for his job. And Nick does not care for Missouri…not one bit.

Here are some links to stuff we talked about:

Niall Ferguson’s Newsweek piece that is currently under fire from…everyone.

I mention a video about the problem of China’s construction based GDP based on this piece:

Finally, here’s the picture Tagg Romney tweeted out of his parents…perhaps not the most savvy campaign ever.

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