Breakfast in America: August 27, 2012

This is just a weather update. So the RNC canceled the Republican National Convention for Monday. At the time they were worried about soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac drowning out Tampa. Despite Rush Limbaugh’s explanation that the whole thing is a myth created by Obama. Then they remembered that “missing Tampa” meant the Hurricane would deliver a direct hit on New Orleans. Republicans decided a split screen reminding America of one of Katrina…one of the GOP’s top 10 all-time fuck ups…was poor messaging.

Now Florida’s GOP Governor Rick Scott has canceled his Tuesday events in Tampa and passed this along to the RNC. So we may be looking at another day off for the convention. Now they are talking about extending the convention to Friday. All of this would compound what was already an organizational nightmare. Put Mitt Romney’s main speech on Friday primetime? If it functionally killed Firefly, how can Mitt hope to succeed?

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