Pennsylvania Supreme Court Punts On Voter Screening Law

So here is my instant reaction to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on the controversial voter screening law today. Just to recap, the Court decided by a 4-2 vote to…just send the case back to the original judge. Bold leadership.

In fairness, the Court determined that the lower court had failed to develop a proper record for whether or not the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of State had sufficiently implemented a program to protect the voting rights of citizens. Therefore they had to send the case down to the lower court to examine the facts and issue a ruling suspending the law if any disenfranchisement exists.

While opponents of the law are expressing pleasure today, the decision from the Court’s 3 Republicans joined by one Democrat also concluded that if the lower court finds no disenfranchisement — which lifelong Republican Judge Robert Simpson already did once — then the voter screening law can stand. So maybe there’s not that much reason to cheer today.

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