Weekly Podcast: Did Someone Release Some Video?

Joe, Allison and Nick discuss Mitt Romney’s unfortunate videotaped explanation that half the country can’t figure out how to take responsibility for their lives. This comes on the heels of a botched response to the Embassy attacks and revelations that the campaign is beginning to point fingers internally. And yet no one is getting fired? Ironically Mitt Romney apparently doesn’t like firing people. We also preview QE3 where Ben Bernanke finally decides to suit up and help the economy.

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Here’s some links to stories we discuss:

Politico points out that Romney was trying to reboot the campaign.

But that got swallowed up by internal strife.

And then gets completely blown up by this video. By the way, the Mother Jones researcher who found this video is Jimmy Carter’s grandson. Maybe Romney shouldn’t have gone out of his way to piss off the Carter family?

In lighter news, here’s the great Michael Lewis piece on Obama. Being the President sounds like a horrible gig to have.

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