The Dumbest Thing I Heard All Week

How do you top this?

Yes, appearing at a Univision event seeking outreach to Latino voters, Mitt Romney decided to go in “Brownface.” Remember yesterday when I explained the one strategy that the Romney campaign excels at? Well, this is why I said there was only one.

What makes this move so troubling for Romney is the superficiality of it all. There is not just a lack of depth from Mitt Romney, but an active effort to avoid depth. Learning the issues facing Latino voters and crafting specific policy proposals that might appeal to that voting bloc is very difficult. Dressing up like a 1940s Looney Tunes stereotype of a Mexican is really EASY!

In his defense, he told his fundraisers in that video that, “If I was Latino, I’d have a better chance of winning.” Maybe this is the start of a new strategy.

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