The Winner Last Night? Big Bird

The spin rooms are continuing to defend Barack Obama for his plodding, but effective defense and push Mitt Romney for his crack-addled hyper attacks, but the real winner last night was clearly Big Bird.

Mitt Romney attacked the beloved children’s icon while calling for cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which amounts to $445 million (.012% of the federal budget), in order to pay for his $5 Trillion tax cut scheme. If the Count were still with us he’d question the math there. And this set off a firestorm.

First a Twitter handle for @FiredBigBird. Then these:

This is the moment of the debate that won the day. So far today it’s the sound bite I’ve heard most often. It is the only moment that reached virality. And it is the moment that moderate undecideds are seeing over and over again. And people keep asking me why I thought Obama had a decent night.

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