What Obama Needs To Do With Big Bird

The Obama campaign has a new, sarcastic ad up about Mitt Romney’s attacks on Big Bird. The retort from conservatives is labeling these attacks as small politics.

The conservative response is entirely right to the extent that Obama’s latest ad is a snarky jab that fails to outline a positive argument from Obama. But if the Obama campaign is clever, the seeds of the eventual comeback have been laid.

First, remember that the only reason this is an issue is because Mitt Romney inexplicably raised it during the debate. To label the issue small ball at this point risks backfiring on Romney.

But most critically, at some point Obama will respond to this attack by admitting that the biggest problem facing America is not Big Bird, but that the issue is salient because it gets at the core of the Romney campaign’s inability to add. Remember Mitt Romney raised Big Bird in this campaign by offering to pay for his $5 trillion tax cut by cutting the $8 million given annually to the makers of Sesame Street.

If Barack Obama can retool this argument — ideally in a debate format with Romney standing right there — into a referendum on Romney’s ability to provide serious answers for the budget, this can be a devastating attack. The only question is can Obama wait that long to respond to Romney?

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