Weekly Podcast: Technical Difficulties

This is the usual place you would go to receive the latest Recess Appointment Podcast wherein we discuss the VP debate, the Benghazi attacks and preview tonight’s town hall debate.

But it’s not here…and I don’t know why.

After over 20 regular weekly podcasts, this one failed to record one of our tracks, which has the effect of rendering the discussion incomprehensible. So no podcast this week I’m afraid.

Here are some highlights — discuss them amongst yourselves:

  • Biden demolished Ryan
  • No, like seriously, on all levels beat him into a pulp
  • Biden’s behavior was a non-issue…undecideds reward aggressiveness. Conservatives just cried about it
  • The administration needs a better answer to Benghazi questions
  • The VP debate was judged closer than the Obama-Romney debate because conservatives are delusional and convinced themselves Ryan won while liberals were the first people to start crying failure tears when Obama didn’t show up on a unicorn
  • Allison and Kathryn are aghast that Paul Ryan decided to be a fake volunteer at a soup kitchen, even though it’s only the 5th most dishonest thing he’s done this week
  • Joe still thinks Paul Ryan has Quayled himself permanently win or lose
  • Town hall debates suck
  • Obama has to fight the urge to be too aggressive because as much as that helps in standard debates, it plays miserably in town halls
  • Romney has traditionally struggled in town halls — has his newfound debate mojo translated to this format too?

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  1. October 17, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Oh noes! What will I listen to when I go to bed tonight? Would have been interested in hearing your analysis, since the “undecideds” I talked to didn’t think Mr. Ayn Rand did THAT bad.

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