Breakfast in America: October 18, 2012

  • Gallup is going to be interesting to watch because they seem hellbent on bucking the other polls. They now have Romney up by 6 nationally in their tracker taken before last night’s debate. I think this reflects a screwy likely voter screen, but we’ll see how it shakes out over the next few days.
The President tried to claim that the reason gas prices were so low in 2008 was because the economy was so bad. He actually wanted the audience to believe that the economy is going gangbusters now as a reason for $4.00 gasoline — a delusion the undecided voters clearly did not buy. His words — he said that gas prices were so low because of the economy, which clearly means he thinks it is so high now because of the recovery.
You see how “gas prices plummeted because of the economic freefall” is not at all the same as, “gas prices are high because of a booming economy?” Well that’s because you’re not a conservative trying to bend economic reality to fit your debunked political ideology.

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  1. JPoet
    October 18, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    I is no gas expert, at least not gasoline, but the point seemed to me, though i have not had a chance to study it economically, was that we had all good stuff:

    Rising housing prices
    Rising stock markets
    Extraordinary corporate earnings
    And low oil prices

    Due to an economy about to collapse. Not even a new picture one we see every cycle.

    Either way I guess the Repubs don’t believe in the free market, oil costs what it should cost, better to have high prices than shortages. The market worked in effectively in this case.

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