The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week

After vaulting into a modest national lead on the back of a dominating debate performance in Denver, Mitt Romney’s campaign is now hoping no one bothered to watch the Vice Presidential or Second Presidential Debates where his ticket got beaten down in a barrage of facts and figures while struggling to defend itself with statements like, “well, of course it will work.”

This article provides some insight into the conservative mind justifying their continued optimism.

First, the article explains that the Denver debate had nothing to do with Obama’s poor performance, but rather Romney’s competent performance. That’s not too crazy, the first debate generally improves the standing of a challenger because it gives America a chance to imagine the challenger sitting in the White House. But the the article does not think Romney’s standing gave him an edge, but rather the fact that Romney undermined the Obama campaign’s characterization of him as an out-of-touch plutocrat pitching radical right-wing ideas.

Here’s where the article begins to go off the rails. It dismisses the successive dominating performances of Biden and Obama because “American people just don’t believe [them] anymore.” Except that’s just not true. Rather, Romney changed people’s perceptions of him over the course of 90 minutes — based largely on lying — and therefore, the article suggests, Americans will no longer think Romney is anything like the image they previously knew. And now Romney has walked into a buzzsaw where an established and trusted political voice will spend the better part of a month telling America that Romney was lying.

Which is more likely — that Americans will throw away months and months of history with Mitt Romney based upon 90 minutes of suspiciously contrary statements, or that Americans will doubt the “New Mitt” when overcome with a deluge of fact checking from the political figure they trust based on a full presidential term?

Mitt Romney may find a way to win this election, but it will be based on clinging to his gains in the first debate, not because Americans have stopped trusting Barack Obama.

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