NFL Provides Obama’s Only Bad Poll

As polls roll in before Election Day, President Barack Obama has a lead or tie in pretty much every national poll and a lead in every poll from the number of states that yield over 270 electoral votes. That should make Obama feel very bullish on tomorrow’s outcome.

Unfortunately, the President received some negative news from the world of football. As you may have heard, the Washington Racist Stereotypes have a little streak going — whenever Washington wins its home game before the election, the incumbent party remains in the White House. Well, with the exception of 2000, but Gore probably won that anyway so it probably still holds true.

Washington entered the game with high hopes against an atrocious 1-win Carolina team. Losing would be hard to do. Luckily for Romney, Washington coach Mike Shanahan, who has publicly supported Romney this cycle, helped the Republican cause by calling a terrible gameplan. Why were you kicking field goals when you had 4th and short on the Carolina 8 when you’re down by 11?

Maybe this superstition doesn’t hold true. Or maybe it only speaks to the popular vote (explaining away 2000). So can football allow us to conclude that Obama will win? Ironically the answer is yes, and it’s all thanks to the Obama-unfriendly state of Alabama.

Alabama pulled off a miraculous last second drive to defeat LSU on Saturday. Less famous than the Washington Rule, Alabama victories presage Democratic wins and LSU wins lead to Republican victory.

So perhaps we’re looking at the reverse of 2000 — a GOP popular vote win and an Obama win.

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