Stephen Colbert’s Long-Term Critique of SuperPACs Continues

Over the course of the election, Stephen Colbert eschewed simply mocking the campaign finance regime established by Citizens United, opting instead for a massive, long-term critique. Colbert founded his own SuperPAC, fought for its rights before the Federal Election Commission, and even acted out a number of glaring SuperPAC loopholes such as shifting control to Jon Stewart in order to make a mockery of non-coordination rules, and funding campaign ads that cleverly avoided obvious legal violations.

Now Colbert has taken his criticism to another level by terminating his SuperPAC, but not before he transferred all the money into a new account. Colbert’s a master educator, along with attorney Trevor Potter, have done more to expose the risks of unlimited campaign dollars than two years of dry legal analysis ever could.

So Congrats to Stephen for pocketing hundreds of thousands in donations…for the cause.

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