History Can’t Keep Up With These Rewrites

220px-RickSnyderSo conservatives love them some Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan right now. He just made Michigan a “right to work” state. They can’t get enough of him. Did he veto voter screening legislation? Did he concede that the auto bailout worked? Did he publicly run on a platform of not making Michigan a right to work state? Oh of course, and he spent his time in the conservative penalty box for those opinions, but right now all appears to be forgiven now that Snyder has got his conservative shit together and decided to screw the biggest Democratic organizations in Michigan.

What gets me though is the speed of the rewrite. From villain to hero in 10 seconds flat. Check out this article. “Snyder Delivers Real Change” is an almost Messianic title for a governor the Republicans could barely stomach a couple months ago. The article has a curious spin to it as well.

Gov. Rick Snyder certainly wasn’t under the illusion that a people that had clung so tightly to their failed past would cheer a top-to-bottom remake of the state. He knew them too well. They wanted change, but without upsetting the status quo.

That’s impossible. Snyder knows it. And he’s determined to pull the painful thorn of inertia from Michigan’s paw, even if it means getting scratched and bitten.

So Michigan is in trouble and Rick Snyder is committed to salvaging its economy through passing this new legislation.

If he’d missed an hour’s sleep over the turmoil of the past week, he didn’t show it. He harbors no doubt that despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth, Michigan residents would rather be where they are today than where they were when he took office.

“Does anyone really want to be in the Michigan of 2007, 8 or 9?” Snyder asks. “It didn’t work. At the same time, when you ask for change, and that change actually comes down to impacting someone’s life, the human nature reaction is they don’t like it, particularly short term.

And yet, Michigan is recovering at a healthy clip. Even before this law was passed. Probably has something to do with that bailout. It’s almost distracting to read an article applauding a new bill as an economic lifesaver and immediately transition to declaring the economy on the upswing already.

“We were the 6th fastest growing state in the nation last year. And isn’t that what we need to do, to say that we aren’t going to continue to be passive and to roll downhill, that we’re going to step it up and we’re going to act as much as possible together to reinvent our state?”

Michigan was not going to rise from the pits without change. Snyder is certainly the change maker.

But, it has risen from the pits without change. Indeed you just said it’s the 6th fastest growing state without any of these policies. The logical contortions required to sell this are astounding.

It makes you realize how Mitt Romney thought he could get away with changing his entire worldview on a dime — conservatives seek no consistency from their leaders, only a quick platitude here or there

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