War on Christmas Says A Lot About the Modern Conservative Mentality

War on Christmas types are self-indulgent children. There I said it.

(pic via newsvine.com)

(pic via newsvine.com)

When you spend a disproportionate amount of time concerned that the public school isn’t naming your Nativity scene the greatest accomplishment ever, it’s not that the school declared a politically correct fatwa against you, they’re just fulfilling their legal mandate to create a schooling environment free of an “official” state religion.

In the wake of a school shooting conservatives are quick to defend the most literal (and not even that) interpretation of the Second Amendment and yet seem stunned to learn that the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment even exists. To them, the government should bend over backward to not only tolerate, but actively support the religious viewpoint of a substantial group of the population.

There are two major problems with this War on Christmas mindset.

First, even if Christians hold a massive numerical advantage over the rest of the population, the very purpose of the Constitution is curbing the tyranny of the majority. Imagine the backlash if the school promoted Sharia law. Then realize this is the same thing but for the argument “but there’s more Presbyterians.”Since many of these complainers are conservatives, it’s interesting to hear them kvetch since they just watched their ideals get beaten down in an election. If the majority had unrestrained power to make the rules, they’d be in for a rough 4 years.

This War on Christmas thing is a product of rank narcissism. Like spoiled children, these folks don’t grasp anything beyond their personal beliefs. “I believe this story…so schools should teach this story.”

Second, has anyone noticed that the people miffed that the public park isn’t displaying a Nativity scene are the same people ready to scream bloody murder when “their” tax dollars fund anything else. What is a public park Nativity scene but a tax-payer funded religious display? Why is government suddenly a fair investment? The answer again is narcissism.

Most coverage of this issue mocks the “War on Christmas” as a faux outrage ginned up by conservative talking heads to fire up the audience, and that’s certainly true. But more time should be spent focusing on the inward-looking nature of a huge chunk of the electorate. During the 80s there were conservatives defending their ideology as a better solution to the same problems liberals saw in society. Some still do, but the bulk of conservative rhetoric is about liberating the public from the government, consequences be damned. “Go get yours and if not, tough luck” is a romanticized worldview. In this world, the “War on Christmas” is an excellent microcosm of the inward-looking policy focus of the Right and a troubling sign for the long-term prospects of the country.

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