Fiscal Cliff Drinking Game

Pretty happy to be leaving this body...

Pretty happy to be leaving this body…

Why not? We have 11 hours to go and the media is giving us non-stop coverage so let’s at least get drunk.

Unless otherwise indicated, take a drink when…

  • Someone explains the “cliff” is really a gentle slope or some other nicer analogy — It’s the ultimate, “look at me, I’m a more nuanced pundit” statement. And yes, I understand I’ve fallen into this one myself.
  • An elected official pleads for someone else to provide “leadership” — It’s much easier than doing it yourself.
  • Every time you see a new Senator — e.g. first time you see Tom Harkin on TV today, take a drink; when you see Chris Coons, take a drink
  • Joe Biden makes a public statement — He’s Mitch McConnell’s “dance partner” apparently, so it’s possible.
  • The Tea Party caucus referenced as the real source of the problem getting a deal — ’cause they are
  • We’re reminded that the Republicans actually created the fiscal cliff Finish your drink if Obama calls out Republicans by using a variation of “You Did Build That.”
  • The Payroll Tax increase — Does anybody remember the Payroll Tax increase coming tomorrow? Neither side wants to keep this cut so everyone is eerily quiet about it. If you hear about it, take a sip
  • Benghazi — Fox just goes, “Fuck it, let’s talk about Benghazi instead.”
  • Bush/Obama tax cuts — The deal is described as turning the “Bush tax cuts” into the “Obama tax cuts” — Another “I’m a nuanced pundit” statement about the political “win” Obama will get under any resolution of the impasse
  • Estate tax hike referred to as “death tax”
  • McConnell reaches a deal and other Senators filibuster it — with bipartisan opposition to some proposed deals, it’s possible. Finish your drink if this results in actual filibuster reform
  • There’s no deal by midnight — Finish your drink…sell your stock portfolio

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