Breakfast in America: January 15, 2012

  • An interesting, if ultimately wrong, look at Jack Lew. The best line is “it’s puzzling to me that, when they want jobs, they bad-mouth the private sector.” When did the business sector become complete wusses — “aw, he hurt my feelings by bad mouthing me so I won’t go ahead and expand my business and profits.”
  • Conservatives are gushing over Ben Shapiro’s appearance on Piers Morgan. I’m not really sure why — his performance is pretty embarrassing, boiling down to “more people use handguns, and we can’t ban handguns, so we shouldn’t do anything at all.” Oh and the circular argument that AR-15s should not be fully automatic, but are needed because a very slim minority of people having these weapons would be capable of overthrowing a prospective tyrannical government.

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