The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week

[For those of you who blog, you may be recognizing that the newest WordPress update is terrible. Here’s another example. Apparently last Friday’s article didn’t publish even though I absolutely wrote it and published it. So here it is for those interested.]

Jumping right into the Dumbest Thing because I have to run out of the house to catch a bus to DC. Anyway, here it is: anyone at all who said, at any point this week, that Obama was a tyrant for imposing very limited gun regulations via executive order.

Though I gave serious consideration to a random internet commenter who bemoaned conservatives adopting the “language of the Left” by calling AR-15s assault rifles. Because the “AR” probably stands for “Awesomely Rad.”

I have almost nothing else to say about the Obama=tyrant logic after Jon Stewart destroyed it last night.

Seriously, Jon Stewart’s staff is doing better journalistic work than the major news networks. Digging up old video at a moment’s notice to smack down crazies? Hard work. Great job.

The executive branch power grab of the last several years reflects a troubling trend. But conservatives need to grasp the role they’ve played in creating this problem. If the legislative body refuses to even discuss policy, the executive branch is emboldened to take aggressive action just to advance the ball. Frankly, Obama is amazingly restrained considering the lack of good faith coming from Congress.

Some on the other side of the aisle are a little confused because they learn about the law from this guy. A bottom-rung judge from New Jersey who is, obviously, the senior legal analyst at Fox. Napolitano went to Notre Dame Law School, which is appropriate because his Constitutional Law credentials are as real as Lennay Kekua.

The opening line of the Constitution contains a serious typographical error: “We the People” should read “We the States.” As President Ronald Reagan reminded us in his first inaugural address, the states created the federal government, and not the other way around.

It’s a hell of a typographical error since real typewriters were still about 40 years away from being invented. Why didn’t the Founders write “We the States?” Because they meant “We the People.”

Napolitano explains just how limited the federal government was supposed to be:

The areas of health, safety, welfare and morality were not delegated to the feds and were retained by the states.

Yeah. That’s why “promote the general welfare” is in the opening paragraph. But I digress.

This brings us back to guns. The Constitution expressly prohibits all governments from infringing upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This permits us to defend ourselves when the police can’t or won’t, and it permits a residue of firepower in the hands of the people with which to stop any tyrant who might try to infringe upon our natural rights — and it will give second thoughts to anyone thinking about tyranny.

No. It just really doesn’t. It expressly prohibits the federal government from barring the individual states from creating their own “well regulated Militia[s].” A rudimentary understanding of military history is needed here, but — as Jon Stewart pointed out in passing — militaries from the Greeks to the Civil War almost never armed their troops. Rather, troops were asked to show up and bring their own weapons and armor. The Second Amendment guarantees that a federal government would not stop states from being able to have their own National Guard units. As this is no longer an issue…the Second Amendment is moot.

Don’t think that’s what the Constitution means? Then read up on the Whisky Rebellion. A bunch of jackoffs grabbed their guns and demanded “liberation” from paying taxes. Rather than respect their right to confront tyranny, President George Washington called up 13,000 troops (who armed themselves…as was the style of the time) and personally led them to crush the rebellion. Washington was pretty clear, individuals don’t have the right to mess with the United States, and the right to bear arms existed just so he could call up troops to go smack down idiots who thought that they had an individual right to disobey the government.

It’s why George Washington also created an individual mandate to make sure his military recruits had guns.

The gun debate is going to provide a cavalcade of dumb for awhile, but people with law degrees who can’t be bothered to learn Constitutional history? Bad mojo.

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  1. erik
    January 22, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    obama could certainly be viewed (correctly) at a tyrant in his role as “drone” king (i.e., I decide who lives and dies), but not likely in this case

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