Filibuster Reform May Actually Happen

Sorry for the late (and short) post today. I’m getting run ragged by a lot of other projects, including tonight’s podcast, but I couldn’t let this go by without comment.

We may actually get filibuster reform.

It seemed like a pipe dream as recently as yesterday, with old school Senate Democrats unwilling to risk losing the power of easy filibusters to halt a hypothetical future Republican majority. Senator Merkley, the ring leader of encouraging the talking filibuster suggested the deal was compromised, and pretty much no one seriously threatened the so-called “nuclear option” that would pass filibuster reform without a filibuster (how postmodern!).

But now the talk has shifted. Harry Reid brandishing his 51 votes committed to the proposal is the most stone-cold threat of the nuclear option yet. Republicans have the opportunity to negotiate for a more moderate package if they can get 67 total votes, but it seems that those negotiations have broken down.

So the most sensible filibuster reform package ever — to make Senators actually commit elbow grease to the filibuster — may become a reality very soon.

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