Weekly Podcast: SCANDAL!

Joe and Nick discuss all three “scandals” facing the Obama administration this week. Are these real scandals? Is there anything the administration should fear? As it turns out Joe and Nick have very different views on most of these questions.



1 comment for “Weekly Podcast: SCANDAL!

  1. Riley
    May 18, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Fringe? Similar Names? Just because liberals (and yes the right) lie in all of their legislative titles (i.e. Affordable Care Act) doesn’t make it O.K. to target/terrorize people who want to tilt the federal government toward its Constitutional mandate. Obfuscating their true intentions is all you want the STUPID Conservatives to do better? Seems a pretty poor argument for cracking down on them. I’m of the opinion that the IRS/Administration wanted to shut down their speech, no?

    Rhetoric is your expertise? I’d say demagogue is more fitting after hearing this last 49:25 minutes. You have to be more honest sir in the world of ethics. You always hold the rightist jerks feet to the fire, but the left gets a pass. Sad…and I am no fan of the right and their “Patriot Act” among other major usurpations of my liberty.

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