Weekly Podcast: Through the PRISM

Nick and Joe talk all about the NSA this week, covering the surveillance state, the legal fate of Edward Snowden, what an ideal balance might entail, and why Glenn Greenwald gets so mad about this stuff. Also a discussion of @LOLGOP’s nascent Senate run and Geraldo Rivera’s Hobbit-influenced decision not to run in New Jersey.

Links to some of the things we talked about in this episode:

Robert Chesney and Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare blog took to the pages of The New Republic with an outstanding piece breaking down the issues at play in the two NSA leak matters.

Legal experts from both sides of the partisan aisle have come out and stated that Edward Snowden should be in prison.  Jeffrey Toobin made his argument in the New Yorker, while John Yoo proved that he lacks basic shame in the pages of the National Review Online.

The folks over at Pew Research have a new poll indicating that the public is generally (though not overwhelmingly) supportive of the NSA, and that perhaps not surprisingly, partisans have changed their stance on the NSA depending on who was in the White House.

And while it wasn’t Fisher or the same-sex marriage cases, the Supreme Court’s opinion in Peugh v. U.S. has important ramifications for criminal law jurisprudence.

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