Weekly Podcast #54: Come On, SCOTUS

Nick and Joe discuss the Supreme Court’s latest round of decisions including a big opinion striking down Arizona’s voter ID provisions, but it may not be as positive a development as it sounds. They also talk about the announcement that the U.S. will interject itself into the Syrian conflict.

A few items that we discussed during this episode:

The potentially pyrrhic nature of Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona is outlined by SCOTUSblog’s Lyle Denniston, Marty Lederman of Georgetown Law, and Rick Hasen of UC-Irvine Law.

SCOTUSblog’s recap of Alleyne v. United States can be found here. ¬†Scott Lemieux heralds the decision while knocking around Justice Scalia.

Here’s the Pew poll showing that the public REALLY doesn’t like the idea of U.S. action in Syria.

And a hearty congratulations to Justin Wolfers, the official economist of the Recess Appointment podcast, who became a U.S. citizen on Monday.


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