Advertising and Affiliate Disclosure

Blogging isn’t easy and making a living from blogging is even harder. I feel compelled to let everyone know a little bit about how I make money from this site so you aren’t left guessing. Obviously, there are ads running on the site. I also have “affiliate relationships” with different companies, meaning I receive a small commission (generally 2-15%) if you buy something through one of the sites I’m affiliated with. For example, I’m a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees when someone uses one of my links to Amazon and subsequently purchases a product.

Very few of my links are affiliate links, but some, for example any Amazon link, will be coded to allow Amazon to know that you saw the product on my site and then give me a commission.

As of now I am not a paid spokesperson for any manufacturer or retailer and I don’t plan to be. If that EVER were to change I will let you know and clearly mark that. Similarly, if I receive any products from a seller seeking my review I will disclose that as well.

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