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Google is a championship-winning debate coach and corporate litigator in NYC who writes about political rhetoric and communication.

Weekly Podcast: Through the PRISM


Nick and Joe talk all about the NSA this week, covering the surveillance state, the legal fate of Edward Snowden, what an ideal balance might entail, and why Glenn Greenwald gets so mad about this stuff. Also a discussion of…

Weekly Podcast: Circuit Breaker


A lot has happened while the gang was away. Joe and Nick discuss the President’s national security speech hinting at a reformed War on Terror and new drone usage policy unveiled right before another shakeup of the national security team.…

Weekly Podcast: Scandal Redux


Nick and Joe talk about the ongoing scandals. As the week has gone by, the scandals have looked more and more… stupid? Yes, that’s the word. I mean, my God, it was so bad Republicans started complaining about umbrellas!

Weekly Podcast: SCANDAL!


Joe and Nick discuss all three “scandals” facing the Obama administration this week. Are these real scandals? Is there anything the administration should fear? As it turns out Joe and Nick have very different views on most of these questions.…

Weekly Podcast: Palmetto Showdown


Special election time in South Carolina. Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Mark Sanford square off to determine… well, not very much in the grand scheme of things, but the winning party will pretend it’s a huge mandate. We continue our discussion…

Weekly Podcast: Happy Anniversary


The podcast celebrates its first anniversary with an episode recapping the Boston case, the quiet death of background checks, how dumb Maureen Dowd is, challenges in Syria, and the end of austerity as anything approximating an “intellectual” doctrine. All this…

Weekly Podcast: Boston Aftermath


Joe and Nick discuss yesterday’s bombing in Boston. In particular, the panel addresses the flurry of media (and social media) speculation and the relative merits and demerits of a world where news is valued for speed as much as substance.…

Weekly Podcast: Fifty Shades of White


The gang discusses the recently concluded CPAC annual gathering in all its right-wing, impractical glory. White supremacists? Check. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin telling the audience they have no need to adapt their message? Check. Rand Paul locking down the…

Weekly Podcast: Shorter Than Rand Paul


Joe, Nick, and Kathryn discuss Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster and whether it proves or disproves the need for filibuster reform. Joe and Nick also debate whether there’s actually anything wrong with drone attacks in the first place. The gang also…

Weekly Podcast: Remember Voting Rights?


Remember that roughly 48 year experiment with actually letting people vote without getting discriminated against? That was a blast! Joe, Nick and Allison discuss the upcoming argument in Shelby County v. Holder, the latest challenge to Section 5 of the…