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Google is a championship-winning debate coach and corporate litigator in NYC who writes about political rhetoric and communication.

Weekly Podcast: Watergate


The full complement of Nick, Allison, Kathryn, and Joe is together for the first time in ages and discusses the State of the Union, Ted Cruz’s dubious debating skills, and “Water-gate” — the disastrous lunge for water made by Marco…

Weekly Podcast: State of the Union Preview

Podcast image

Joe and Allison discuss the shocking resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and consider the future role of the Catholic Church on the international stage. We also look at gambling odds for the next pontiff. And of course, we examine the…

Weekly Podcast: Super Bowl and Twitter. Bad Combo.


Joe, Nick, and Allison talk about the Super Bowl and conservative jerks who Tweet during it. The gang also muses about Tagg Romney’s almost Senate bid and Chuck Hagel’s rough confirmation hearings. And Nick talks about going without pants for…

Weekly Podcast: Obamagration!


Nick and Joe ask why Harry Reid is so useless, particularly in the context of the filibuster failure. It’s never too early to talk about 2016, and try to read tea leaves into the Obama-Clinton joint interview with 60 Minutes.…

The Dumbest Thing I Heard This Week

Well that’s probably anyone who used the words “Harry Reid” and “leadership” in the same sentence. On Wednesday night, Democrats went to sleep expecting a productive, but not necessarily radical, reform of the filibuster rules that have allowed Mitch McConnell…

Weekly Podcast: Inaugural Roundup

Joe and Nick chat about the President’s Second Inaugural Address and the fanfare around it. They also touch upon the Benghazi hearings and consider the electoral college changes pushed by conservative state governments.