Weekly Podcast #63: Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Reached


What a difference a few weeks makes. The last time the gang got together, a strike against Syria was days away, and now the country has agreed to turn over its chemical weapons to international management. Joe, Nick and Kathryn…

Weekly Podcast #62: Miley Cyrus, the Media, and Syria


There’s an unusual title. Nick, Allison, and Joe discuss Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMAs and what the attendant fallout says about the American media, gender double-standards, and rape culture. Then the panel discusses the likely inevitable strikes against Syria…

Weekly Podcast #54: Come On, SCOTUS


Nick and Joe discuss the Supreme Court’s latest round of decisions including a big opinion striking down Arizona’s voter ID provisions, but it may not be as positive a development as it sounds. They also talk about the announcement that…

Weekly Podcast: Through the PRISM


Nick and Joe talk all about the NSA this week, covering the surveillance state, the legal fate of Edward Snowden, what an ideal balance might entail, and why Glenn Greenwald gets so mad about this stuff. Also a discussion of…

Weekly Podcast: Circuit Breaker


A lot has happened while the gang was away. Joe and Nick discuss the President’s national security speech hinting at a reformed War on Terror and new drone usage policy unveiled right before another shakeup of the national security team.…

Weekly Podcast: Palmetto Showdown


Special election time in South Carolina. Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Mark Sanford square off to determine… well, not very much in the grand scheme of things, but the winning party will pretend it’s a huge mandate. We continue our discussion…

Weekly Podcast: Happy Anniversary


The podcast celebrates its first anniversary with an episode recapping the Boston case, the quiet death of background checks, how dumb Maureen Dowd is, challenges in Syria, and the end of austerity as anything approximating an “intellectual” doctrine. All this…

Weekly Podcast: Super Bowl and Twitter. Bad Combo.


Joe, Nick, and Allison talk about the Super Bowl and conservative jerks who Tweet during it. The gang also muses about Tagg Romney’s almost Senate bid and Chuck Hagel’s rough confirmation hearings. And Nick talks about going without pants for…

Weekly Podcast: Inaugural Roundup

Joe and Nick chat about the President’s Second Inaugural Address and the fanfare around it. They also touch upon the Benghazi hearings and consider the electoral college changes pushed by conservative state governments.