Weekly Podcast #63: Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Reached


What a difference a few weeks makes. The last time the gang got together, a strike against Syria was days away, and now the country has agreed to turn over its chemical weapons to international management. Joe, Nick and Kathryn…

Weekly Podcast #56: Ugh Are We Really Talking About 2016?


Joe, Nick, and Allison gather to discuss the most recent BLS jobs report and what it means for the economy. Spoiler alert: Ben Bernanke is not doing his job correctly. They also turn to a discussion of 2016, specifically what…

Weekly Podcast: If We Outlaw Death Stars, Only Outlaws Will Have Death Stars


Joe and Nick host solo and lament the death of the trillion dollar coin and the debt ceiling debate — is Obama losing leverage or is he itching for a fight. We preview the Second Inaugural Address and muse about…

Breakfast in America: January 11, 2012


Oh Jeez…Fox News doesn’t understand how money works. Never underestimate how much conservatives want massive spending programs and try to get other Americans to support them. Gov. Rick Scott reminds everyone that Republicans can’t deal with “facts.”

Breakfast in America: January 10, 2012

I thought bitching about Susan Rice was ridiculous, but at least they had the Benghazi argument. But the Hagel objections are downright unreasonable. Now these jackholes are complaining about Jack Lew? I don’t think they get why they’re so unpopular. Speaking…